Patty Reese

White's Ferry Maryland

We were on the Dog Cart in Concert on the C&O Canal Trail near White's Ferry being pretty scenic with the Potomac River peeking through all along the way. It was kind of cool day with the temps not making it out of the 30s. Patty was dressed in a MUSHers's Style Hat so she came prepared! But not being able to wear gloves it took a bit of a toll on her. She said people that watch her performance on the Dog Cart will probably ask why she played songs only in the D range (Guitar Lingo meaning she didn't have to move her fingers a lot on the guitar) she told me when they ask that just tell them it was cold out there especially over the course of hours. Thanks again Patty though a lot of the songs are in D it was still a wonderful performance and the Dogs as alwyas enjoyed themselves!