live music for the dogs as they mush

In The WooFHouse

You’ve probably seen dog sledding where dogs pull a sled and someone called a musher or dog driver steers and runs the team..well what do you call a dog team that doesn’t pull anything but instead runs along side of a bike like sled and the driver hires a musician to entertain the dogs as they run with the bike for their exercise.... you call him the WooFDriver! The WooFDriver is an avid dog adventurer that runs his dogs on bike like sleds strictly for exercise and bonding! This is a unique way to exercise a working breed dog like his Huskies but WooFDriver goes a step further for his dogs.... he actually has musicians play live music for his dogs as they exercise!!! Yes you heard me right.... seeing is believing and you just have to see this to understand and appreciate the lengths this man called the WooFDriver goes to keep his Dogs healthy, happy, and entertained!