All About Dog Party Music!

What is WoofEDM?

Have you heard of the latest Doggy trend? Well we looked around and it seems to be happening everywhere, people are having birthday parties for their dogs! And what a great idea to celebrate a happy occasion and have a get together and maybe even invite some of your friends and neighbors as well as their furry family.... well as this has gained much popularity recently with all kinds of Dog birthday party gear and accessories available, we actually found someone who goes by the name of WooFDriver and has created an entire line of Music to be listened to by your party guests including the furry ones.... these Dog Birthday songs are actually quite entertaining as you will probably instantly recognize some of them because they are parodies which means they are popular songs with the lyrics totally changed to match the Dog Birthday theme! For instance there’s a Miley Cyrus parody of Party in the USA that’s tilted Dog Party in the USA and it sounds so much like the original, how much fun is that! Also if the mood so strikes you there is accompanying video with lyrics so you can see what they are singing and smile along. In addition there is a long list of dance music and videos all produced for dog birthday parties… You got to see this or should I say you got to hear this to believe this… it’s all at By the way we thought by the name EDM which usually stands for Electronic Dance Music but of course we should’ve figured there was something more behind it and WooFDriver has confirmed that the EDM As in WoofEDM stands for Excellent Dog Music...WOW, we can’t even make this stuff up:)