Guided Dog Meditations

I believe, I am the first and only at this te to have guided Dog Meditations. A Guided Meditation for us humans is when someone well versed in Meditation will talk and guide you thorough a Meditative Expedience so maybe you can learn to do it on your own as well as to provide another way to experience Meditation. Guided Mediations are a wonderful way to really focus your breathing and empty your mind to make it available for so many other finds. I have collaborated my expertise with professional Meditation and Spiritual Practitioners to assemble Guided Meditations for Dogs!! These are truly remarkable providing a soothing  and relaxing experience. Though all the words along theses Guided Dog  Meditations may not be fully understood by the Dog, the vocal tones of the Guides and the tranquil sounds of the nature and/or music that accompany them with create a comforting time that can promote healing, rest, and security.

Guided Dog Affirmations