Chad Racine

Cecil County Maryland

Cold Day on tap, probably the coldest we've done a WooFHouse Concert Dog MUSH. Temperatures didn't make it past the mid 30s bad news for our performer Chad Racine though he did an AWESOME job and made the most out of the cold. You see, after some of the other WooFHouse Concert Rides we let all the upcoming performers know to dress warm as we would be on the Dog Cart for hours and they won't be able to use gloves obviously playing the guitar. This is the best time of year to do the WooFHouse Concert Runs as the Dogs are the most important part and they can only really do this as we are doing when it's cold, Well, Chad got our memo but still didn't bring the right clothing as he said cold is not a problem for him as he was use to performing in the cold because he would perform at Lincoln Financial Field outside the stadium where the Philadelphia Eagles play. Guess what Chad was cold this wasn't no football game this is the wilderness with a pack of Sled Dogs! Chad made the most of the situation and still did an outstanding performance, kudos Chad for that! Please Check it OUT!