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Podcast of Behind The Music

WooFDriver personally tells about the secrets and hidden treasures buried in his songs! He has written hundreds of songs to journal his life with Husky Dogs. From puppy training to senior Huskies and everywhere in between. Adventuring with his generations of Husky families he has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, enough to circle the earth many of times to find some of the coolest places to roam with them. Pioneering DogMotoSports where Huskies at all ages can safely accompany him on the trail eliminating the need for them to pull as to not hamper younger Huskies growth and to not be too much for older Huskies. Also you can learn and hear about Dog/Husky activities most have no idea ever existed. This is your personal tour inside the Husky Expert Dog Adventurer's world, you won't believe what you will discover inside these podcasts and you will most certainly have a good laugh especially if you've ever had a Husky as you will be able to relate some of the Huskies ANTICS that have familiar themes through almost all his songs!

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