Joel David

Schuykill River Trail Pennsylvania

This day was decent weather wise temps around 50 degrees for a high but we had other issues! My trip coordinator for these live music concert MUSHing runs was not on location for this run. So he planned it remotely and low and behold we got lost off the trail as this was a very urban setting and we were on the outskirts of Philadelphia PA! After a few phone calls to Shawn (my WooFHouse coordinator) we were able to get back on the right trail as there were other trails close by we got confused with. We had to ride down the sidewalks of the city area to get to the trail area we were supposed to be on. And man oh man did we get some stares as you can imagine. This whole ordeal probably set us back a few hours as our performer Joel David kept on playing, what a good sport he was. that's why this WooFHouse was one of the longest and by the way because of all this we got done around dark as the temperatures started really dropping! Joel David was still strumming the guitar again a great sport and the Dogs were absolutely loving life as they got an extra long run in this adventure while being serenaded and colder temperatures setting in towards darkness. This was a great run still with some most incredible memories.